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You may have heard of a concept called learned helplessness

A great example of this is when a young elephant is chained to a stake in the ground to prevent it from running away. 

With little strength, it attempts to break free from the chain, but with no success. Eventually, he stops trying because he has learned that anytime he is chained to the stake, he is helpless. 

As he grows into an adult, he doesn't even attempt to break free because he has developed a belief that keeps him helpless, even though he has all the strength necessary to easily break free and run wild. 

This is a lot like life. Through certain life experiences, we create hidden limiting fears and beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world that keeps us chained to those limits. 

Coaching with George gives you a 4-Part frame work to help you achieve some of your biggest personal and professional goals: 

The 4-Part Achievement and Transformation NLP Coaching Model

With many clients I work with, they feel stuck because they don't have a compelling future that inspires them and pulls them forward. In our first month together, we will spend time creating and constructing a mission and future vision that inspires you, including a video vision board. Whether you want to work on personal or professional goals, the process is the same. We will get clear on specific goals and targets that trigger an aliveness within you, and motivate you to TAKE ACTION. We will set up monthly benchmarks and quarterly milestones as a way to chunk down your BIG vision into achievable You can take advantage of a complimentary intro NLP coaching session with me where you will get the process started of creating a compelling future using the power of NLP. 

Action and Accountability bond your actions with your results. Between our coaching sessions, we will develop plans of actions for you to complete before our next call. We will use my research based 5-part accountability framework to consistently hold you accountable to stay in action and alignment as you move toward your Compelling Vision. As you take consistent action and develop the muscle of being accountability to your goals, you will become UNSTOPPABLE. 

After we create a compelling future that inspires you, and begin to take action toward your goals, your limiting beliefs and fears will naturally rise to the surface. We will pin-point the fears and emotional blockages that are in your way of being at your best. During this stage in our coaching, we will continue taking aligned action, while healing past patterns and self-sabotage using the power of NLP. Achieving your goals is 80% mindset and 20% action. We will spend much of our time working through limiting mental and emotional blocks. Take advantage of a complimentary coaching session with me and experience the power of NLP.

Along the way, we will train your brain to seek wins and achievements. By consistently celebrating completed action items, monthly benchmarks and quarterly milestones, you trigger the release of dopamine, which is the motivational chemical of your brain. When dopamine is purposefully triggered, you increase your motivation levels which influence aligned action and moves your powerfully toward your vision and goals. During this phase of our coaching, you will shift from pushing forward, to being PULLED forward. 

Choose from 3 Coaching Timeframes: Based on your compelling vision, we will build a coaching program specifically designed for you using one of these three time frames: 

Bronze Package: 3 Month Coaching Package - $3,000(or 3 monthly payments of $1,000)  

Silver Package: 6 Month Coaching Package - $5,000(or 5 monthly payments of $1,000)