"In the day and age of information, knowing is no longer enough."
- Dr. Joe Dispenza

We are fully engaged in an age where information is plentiful. There is no shortage of information. As long as you have an idea of what you're looking for, you can ask Google and it will bring you back millions of results on the topic. 

Too often, we get stuck in the spiral of knowing. That's when we get caught in the black hole of learning and gathering information(gaining knowledge), without implementation of the knowledge. 

There's a balance between learning and implementing(I prefer both), and if we avoid both we are sure to stay stuck. They are both valuable to the process of moving projects forward, achieving meaningful goals and growing a business. 

We can study and learn all the top strategies, tips, tools and models to help us get to the next level, but ultimately, without implementation, we ain't goin' nowhere

Knowledge is great, but true knowing comes from taking action with that knowledge. True knowledge is experience with that knowledge. To know is to integrate knowledge into life. To experience it. 

If you find yourself feeling stuck with no momentum or progress happening, you might be trapped the spiral of knowing. We've all been there but the key is not to stay there. It's just a habit and habits can be changed.

Here are a few keys to consider, to help you get out of the spiral and into implementation

Knowing is no longer good enough to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. We have to take action on what we know. 

The 3 most destructive words that will stunt your personal evolution are: I know that

The bottom line truth is, unless you're implementing that knowledge into your life, you don't know sh*t. 

You know what I'm sayin'? 
- George

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