Congratulations, you've completed GY21! Now, the REAL work begins. The #1 thing that can help you create massive progress and achieve your goals is...Accountability. 

Setting goals is the easy part... making significant progress and achieving them is where the real growth happens. Set your year up for success by putting George and TA2021 to work for you...

TA2021: Transformation Academy 2021

Join a small group of people who continue to accelerate past their goals! Every month in 2021, you will have access to:

> Monthly 1-1 Coaching Calls with George 

Imagine being able to work intimately with George and a small group of committed people who are passionately pursuing their goals. Each month, you will get access to a 1-1 monthly Zoom coaching call with George where you will review your goals, and work on creating momentum, or breaking free from limiting internal patterns. 

George charges $500/coaching session(and you get 12 for the price of 2). Each session, you and George will go to work on next action steps and break free from what's currently holding you back. 

> Group Mastermind Coaching Calls

On the 4th WED at 3:30pm MST, you will gather with a small group of other committed people for 90 minutes, where George will train on a tool, skill or concept, then you will have an opportunity to sit on the "HOT SEAT". In the hot seat, you get everyone's attention for 7-10 minutes and we will laser in on what's holding you back, or support you in brainstorming ideas to keep you moving forward. 

The person thing powerful enough to stop you is you, and now you'll have a support system that sets you up for success. There are only 6 total spots available.

Lock in your spot - $9,000 $997

Choose your secure payment option via Paypal. After you register, you will be added to them private Facebook Group. You will also receive a welcome message where you can schedule your first 1-on-1 session with George immediately. Register your spot now:

(Or pay in 2 monthly payments of $600 here)

Only 6 1 total spots available - Registration closes in:

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Risk Free Cancellation and Refund Policy: Become a Transformation Academy 2021 member and participate through the month of February 2021 - If you don't feel like it's the right fit for you, you can have a full refund.

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