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Colorado's Premier Transformational Conference

If you're ready to quantum leap into your next level professionally, or if you're you're looking for some kick-ass transformation and personal growth, This is the conference for YOU! Let these 3 days be the catalyst for having The Greatest Year of Your Life! 

Our Story:

Mission: To inspire and empower people to transform into their greatest.

We started in 2011 with a small 2-hour Vision Board workshop. Since then, we’ve evolved into a transformational 3-day experience, designed for YOU, if you are ready to transcend your current limits and breakthrough to YOUR next level! Meet our Core Team below:

Watch Kara’s transformation: She came to GY20 wanting to break free from the feeling of not being good enough… and before she left, she took her power back.



Venue: Denver, CO

3 Days to the Greatest Year of Your Life - Agenda

GY20 Participant Reviews

GY20 Participant Reviews

Because of COVID-19 gathering restrictions, GY21 will have a maximum of 20 people - Apply below:

GY19 Participant Reviews

GY18 Participant Reviews

GY17 Participant Reviews

GY16 Participant Reviews

Because of COVID-19 gathering restrictions, GY21 will have a maximum of 20 people - Apply below:

Make 2021 YOUR year!  

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is this conference different from all the others out there? 

It's true, there are a LOT of events and conferences out there. What sets us apart from most of the others is 2-fold: First, we work hard to create a safe container that gives everyone permission to open up and work on any issue that comes up. Secondly, we build our event model from an experiential core. In other words, we don't want to send you off with just more content. We want you to leave feeling inspired, transformed and empowered. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, "In the day and age of information, knowing is no longer good's about knowing HOW." We design these 3 days so that you're learning through ALL primary learning modalities: Visual, auditory AND kinesthetic. Too many events are designed to be visual and auditory, with very little to no kinesthetic learning. We combine all 3 with an emphasis on delivering our content through our experiential sessions. You don't just leave with more knowledge. You leave transformed...and we guarantee it! See next question for details. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes we do. With so many events out there, it's important that you get a full day experience to determine if you want to stay for 2 more days. You are investing your time, energy and money and we want to honor that by offering you all of day 1 for free - After you register, you attend all of day 1, and if you aren't satisfied with your experience, we will happily refund you and wish you well. 

Who typically attends this event? 

Our community is made up of many unique individuals, but here's what we've noticed over the years: 70% of attendees are solo entrepreneurs/business owners - Coaches, facilitators, practitioners, speakers, consultants, healers, plus a few brick and mortars. 15% of attendees have recently launched a business, OR, are just about to launch, and are looking for some breakthroughs and strategies for growth. 15% of attendees come for the personal growth and transformation. 

Who is George Carroll? 

George is very much like you - He has his own challenges and he's working hard every day to be at his best. He's a fun-loving, down-to-earth, no bullshit dad who is passionate about life. He currently lives in Oregon with Kirby and their 2 boys, but he was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado. George had a childhood dream to play pro-football, but in a freak accident, he shattered his leg and ankle during his senior season at the University of Northern Colorado, ending his dream. Feeling depressed and suicidal, George discovered hope and inspiration in reading books and attending seminars. Through his own transformational journey, he was inspired to lead and motivate others on theirs. With nearly 15 years of speaking, training and facilitating for audiences and groups under his belt, the Greatest Year of Your Life is all his best stuff, packed into 3 days. 

What is the Coffee Meet n' Greet? 

At 7am on FRI, January 15th, we open the doors for our famous coffee meet n' greet! You'll have a chance to connect with the GY Team, Alumni and other participants. Drink some free coffee and network with the other amazing people who have come to make 2021 the greatest year! The energy from the positive anticipation and connections is off the charts!