We had John Assaraf deliver a Virtual Keynote for our GY19 conference and he delivered! Discover the Most Powerful, Evidence-Based, Brain Re-Training to Help You Achieve a NEW “Mindset of Wealth” ... So You Achieve Your Financial and Life Goals Faster and Easier Than Ever Before

At The Greatest Year of Your Life 2019 conference, we streamed in THE John Assaraf(Star on the blockbuster documentary The Secret, CEO of NeuroGym and New York Times Best-Selling Author. The topic he spoke on was called: Winning the Game of Money(From the Inside Out). 

In this power-packed 78-minute training, John shares the essential elements to support you in building a "Wealth Mindset". 

He also discusses the neuroscience that backs the extraordinary work he's been doing at NeuroGym. Here are some key take-aways John unpacks in this training: 

Many of us are programmed with limiting beliefs about money and those who have it. If our parents lived in lack and scarcity, we would naturally adopt their beliefs, unconsciously. Winning the Game of Money uses the most cutting edge brain re-training audio technology to bypass the conscious mind and switch the deep unconscious beliefs that run underneath the surface and invisibly influence our entire reality.

As you listen to John's training above, don't just listen, take notes and explore how his concepts apply to you. What John has created is extraordinary because it's not just a philosophy, it's based in neuroscience. 

If you enjoy what John has to say, he has an entire online training program called Winning the Game of Money. It's worth every penny and more. Since I started using it in 2016, my income has more than quadrupled my seminar business revenue. My small seminar business went from grossing $15k-$20k to $150,000 in that time. There's also a 30-day money back guarantee, so there's no risk. 

In the meantime, enjoy this amazingly insightful training from John and hope to see you at one of our next events! 

Show me the money! (Jerry McGuire)
- George 

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